Statement Defending SNAP by Supporters of Universal Basic Income:

As supporters of universal basic income, we oppose the harmful and demeaning changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) proposed by the Trump administration.1

We believe in the enactment of universal basic income as part of a new social contract in the United States that recognizes basic human dignity, advances equity, and guarantees financial stability for all Americans. But we recognize that the path to establishing universal basic income is a long one, and that as we move along that path, we must support and defend current social programs that provide vital support to those in poverty.

The Trump proposal to cut SNAP and replace benefits with a pre-set food box would leave more people hungry and rob struggling Americans of their ability to make the right choices on what their families most need. As individuals and organizations who recognize the importance of providing for basic needs and granting individual agency to all people, we strongly oppose these and any changes to the SNAP program which increase hunger and reduce choice.

Signed by the Following Individuals

Chris Hughes
Co-founder of Facebook
Sam Altman
President of Y Combinator
Robin Chase
Co-founder of Zipcar & Veniam
Michael Tubbs
Mayor of Stockton
Peter Barnes
Co-founder of CREDO Mobile and Author of "With Liberty and Dividends for All"
Natalie Foster
Co-chair of the Economic Security Project
Juliana Bidadanure
Director of the Stanford Basic Income Lab
Dorian Warren
President of Center for Community Change Action
Andy Stern
President Emeritus of SEIU
Scott Santens
Writer and Basic Income Advocate
Gerald Huff
Software Engineer
Sandhya Anantharaman
Co-director of the Universal Income Project
Jim Pugh
Co-director of the Universal Income Project
Misha Chellam
Steering Committee Member of the Economic Security Project
Sean Kline
Director of the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment
Anne E. Price
President of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Daniela Perdomo
Founder & CEO of goTenna
Rose Broome
Founder of
Owen Poindexter
Candidate for California Assembly, District 15
Karl Widerquist
Associate Professor at Georgetown University-Qatar
Miranda Fleischer
Professor of Law at University of San Diego

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